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Keeping Guests Entertained in Bibi Magazine 2013

Reprinted from Bibi Magazine - Read the Full article on Page 75

Keeping your Guests Entertained

You’ve planned, you’ve prepped, you’ve prepared…now it’s time to par-tay. Sure your wedding day is the

biggest day in your life, but what about your guests?

Forget the slideshows, the family dances, the typical band or DJ - it’s time to shake things up…literally!

No matter what type of bride you are, here are some sure fire ways to make your wedding day memorable and keep your guests fully entertained.


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Trends & Etiquette for Encore Weddings in Bibi Magazine 2012

Reprinted from Bibi Magazine - Read the Full article on Page 71

Encore Weddings & Happyily Ever After…Later in Life

Most fairytales start with “once upon a time” and end with “…and they lived happily ever after”. Whether you are fortunate to find love again or find it later on in life; every wedding is a reason for celebration. However, in these situations, where the rules are not so clear, there is a way to separate etiquette from opinion.

As divorce and remarriage have become an evermore regular part of our society and with the average age at which women and men get married getting consistently later in recent years, the styles, choices and possibilities on how to plan a wedding can be endless. If you're trying to sort out etiquette from opinions, read below for some helpful advice.


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